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April 18, 2009

Moving to San Antonio?

Yes, yes, I know, the last couple of years in real estate have not been all that fun. Prices have been falling in many cities and there isn't much joy to be had. Even when prices come down it appears that it can take forever to sell a house. However things are changing you know.

As a result of prices falling we're seeing a definite uptick in activity. The number of house purchases (which obviously must be equal to the number of house sales) has doubled in some states as a result of these new lower prices.

Or you can look at it another way. Nobody really makes money on houses, for when you sell one you buy another. So what the general level of house prices is doesn't matter all that much. You can still sell a 3 bed house in one community and buy a 3 bed in another whether houses cost $5 each or $500,000 each.

With that in mind, you can then start to make the decision about where you'd like to live. So why not San Antonio? Great weather, a good town, all you need to do is find decent San Antonio Realtors who can show you what the town has to offer. And that's exactly what you will find if you click through that link, the realtors who know the area and can advise you on everything you might want to know.

Happy house hunting!

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