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April 14, 2009

Help with college courses

We know that the internet has allowed everyone to get ahead with their college course. But not always in the most honest and open way, it has to be said. Copying the week´s essay from Wikipedia is possible but not likely to do much for your education: whether you get caught or not.

It´s also true that the answer to just about every question you might get asked is out there as well. But thats not really the point of ecudation either. You´re trying to learn a subject, not just the answers.

Which is why this site looks so good.Instead of aiding you in cheating, their aiding you in learning, by providing you with the textbooks materials. For example, the General Physics Textnook Solutions. Or the Michigan Textbook Solutions.

The point is that they´re not trying to help you cheat, they´re trying to help you understand. Those General Physics Textbook Solutions for example. You´ve still got to work through the problem, it´s just that you now have an aid to help you so so.

Like having another teacher at your elbow. Sounds pretty good, eh?

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