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April 17, 2009

Getting the roof done

Clearly, there are different skills that go into making sure that a house is livable. Making sure that the water system is kept separate from the sewage system is a pretty compelling reason to hire a plumber for example. But the one that we've found to be most important in making sure that a house is inhabitable a decent over the years is making sure that the roof is secure and watertight.

Doesn't really matter all that much what you do to the rest of the house, how nicely you furnish it or how beautifully it is painted, if the first time it rains it's all going to get wet.

So you really do want to try and seek out someone who knows what they're doing, someone like this San Jose roofer.

Firstly, 6 month to 12 month guarantees on roofing repairs sound like a pretyty good idea: you know that no one offering that is going to lie to you about how well they've done the work. The second is the 7 years guarantee on new roofs. Again, no one will offer that unless they're certain of the quality of their work.

But perhaps the most important signifier is that they have referrals as their most important source of work. You know that if people are referring a wrokman then his work does indeed stand up to inspection.

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