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April 03, 2009

Finding a plumber

As long time householders will know, the one thing you want to make absolutely sure you know of is a really good plumber. Yes, there are other things that need fixing around the house but none of them are quite so urgent. If a pipe freezes and burts say, or if the sewage system starts backing up, you want someone competent and fast. And it pays to make sure that you know of someone who is indeed competent and fast before those awful things start happening.

Here´s an example, this San Antonio plumber, the sort of guy you should be looking for. He´s been in the plumbing business for 40 years, he´s held his Master Plumber´s licence since 1977....clearly, he knows what he´s doing. And he´s not just experienced., he´s also up to date with all of the latest tehnology.

Actualy, it sounds a bit strange talking about new technology with plumbing, but believe me, as someone who has just had a house built for me, there are indeed changes afoot. Things really aren´t back in the old days of lead solder and a metal pipe any more.

So there you have it, the best of both worlds, experience and up to date.... and the prices are reasonable too. Now all I need to do is find such a gem of a plumber where I live....or am I going to have to move to San Antonio instead?

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