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April 28, 2009

Death and.....

Well, as we know, the completion of that phrase is that death and taxes will always  be with us, will always happen to us. But while death is both personal and inevitable, taxes can at least be ameliorated.

The method of amelioration is quite obviously to find oneself a decent firm of tax accountants. Now in the old days this could in fact be rather difficult. You were dependent upon whoever it was that was running the accountancy services in your town. They may or may not have been experts in taxes....they could have been more simply book keepers for example.

This here internet thing has changed that, for now one can look for accounting firms online. No longer are we constrained by physical geography, something which all of us still constrained by the taxman are grateful for.

Just as an example, looking for accountancy firms in Chatswood, I find people who can handle my affairs. I'm not in Chatswood, no where near, but I have a greater choice of experts and that has to be a good thing, right?

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