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March 16, 2009

Van Insurance

A quick shout out to those who might be looking for Van Insurance.As we know, insuring a van is both essential as part of running a tradesman's business and also one of the major expenses of doing so. So being able to find someone who specialises in this type of insurance....and specialises in finding both the best and the cheapest insurance...is a welcome boon.

Which is why you'll want to click through that link and see what autonetinsurance have to offer. It's an interesting set up to begin with. They're more than just a comparison shopping site, for they run their own claims line and so on. But they actually get the insurance itself by checking the 40 leading brokers all the time. So you know you're getting the best deal as well. The end result is that you can get up to 70% off your Van Insurance which is a saving worth having anytime, not just in these straightened ones.

Given that they're specialising they also do all of the peripheral insurances that you would expect. Tool insurance, goods in transit insurance, all are available from the same cheery souls. And before you ask, yes they do also do car insurance, courier insurance and even home insurance. But it looks like they have specialist teams dealing with each area, so you get both the great prices and the very specific insurance you need.

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