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March 08, 2009

The orgasm gap

The orgasm gap...is this the latest example of how and why men don't care why women want or is it something less sinister (or even more)?

 Mind the orgasm gap .... Researchers say women are less likely than men to reach climax during sex. That's no surprise – but why do women put up with it?

Well, quite, this isn't exactly a surprise. Every womens' advice page has been pointing this out for decades....although it might have been a tad more useful to point it out to the men over these decades but we'll let that pass. So what is the more complex reason?

Researchers from Stanford and Indiana University recently found that heterosexual undergraduate women have orgasms only half as often as the men they're hooking up with, and only a third of the time during a first sexual session. The study – which will be published later this year in the book Families as They Really Are – also found that men receive oral sex about 80% of the time in first-time hookups, while women get that lucky less than half the time. And so, the researchers hypothesise that the lack of sexual reciprocity could be a key reason for the so-called orgasm gap, as the Daily Beast recently reported.

Aha! the frequency or orgasms rises the longer the relationship is going on!

Thus we might think that orgasms in women are somewhat less a purely mechanical matter, as they are in men, and in some manner are connected with a woman's over all comfort and trust in the relationship.

I have to say, sounds about right to me.

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