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March 03, 2009

Sir Elton in Vegas

There are any number of reasons why you might want to see Sir Elton John in Las Vegas. Start from the top, of course. The first is that the two are simply made for each other. No, really, they are.

Of course there's been gossip about Sir Elton over the years. Anyone who started out as Reg Dwight and ended up as the most successful recording artist of his times has to have something going for him (no, really, there was a time in the early 70s that he was responsible for 3% of all record sales globally). But one of those things is obviously, over and above the music, reinvention. As with Las Vegas, of course, a place where we can indeed reinvent ourselves.

So there's a very real reason why "Elton John Las Vegas" really rather goes together.

Then, over and above that, there's the fact that the music is great. He and Bernie Taupin, while perhaps not quite creating the one unique song which everyone knows, have between them created a superb back history of music. So to go and see that catalogue being played.....well, who could resist it?

And, of course, who could resist it in Vegas?

One story I've heard....I am told it is true. Sir Elton was in a hotel in Italy. On the balcony. The wind was blowing and he lost it. Started insisting that someone stop the wind.

Hmm, well you can't do that in Tuscany, but you can in Vegas. Sounds like a good place to see Sir Elton then, eh?

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