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March 14, 2009

Jason Trawick

Jason Trawick has been Britney Spears' talent agent for some time now. And it appears that Jason Trawick has changed his job description a little, to being both Britney's talent manager and her date.

According to E! News, Britney Spears has been secretly dating her agent, Jason Trawick. Trawick (37) is a William Morris rep, and has so far joined Spears on the first four shows of her "Circus" tour. When reached by E!, Trawick declined to comment on the nature of the relationship, (which means they're totally dating) but his assistant did confirm that he's been traveling with Spears but is now back in LA.

There are thow who say that Jason Travick's activities are nothing to do with dating though:

A rep from the William Morris Agency, Trawick joined Spears on the first four shows of her Circus tour, but the two are supposedly getting cozy outside of work as well.

Though Trawick and Spears' rep declined to comment, Trawick's assistant at WMA confirmed that he had been traveling with Spears on the Circus tour and is now back in L.A.

Another insider on the Spears team insists that the singer has a "close professional relationship"with Trawick and that it is "ridiculous"to suggest the pair is "romantic."

Trawick and Britney did go on holiday together last year, this is true:

Jason Trawick and Britney went on vacation together in Costa Rica last year. You can view pictures of Britney and Jason Trawick here. It makes perfect sense that she hangs out with her 37-year-old talent manager. If she is really dating him perhaps he will be good for her. He is older and presumably wiser then others she has dated.

But quite whether that amounts to the two dating is a little less obvious. Relationships in the entertainment industry, especially between talent and the managers that represent it, include all sorts of close relationships that don't amount to "dating".

Trawick declined to comment and referred E!'s request to Spears rep, who has did not comment on the singer's relationship status.
Meanwhile, a Spears' insider insists that the singer and the agent strictly have a "close professional relationship" and that's it, calling it "ridiculous" to suggest the pair is anything close to "romantic."
But another well-placed source tells E! News that Trawick's talent agency bosses are OK with his tight bond with his client and, in fact, "They joke about it."
Trawick, 37, has been Spears' talent agent for about five years and has been credited with helping Spears reunite with her parents, manager Larry Rudolph, and landing her comeback role on 'How I Met Your Mother.'

At the moment whether Trawick and Britney are indeed dating seems to be a matter of "he said" and "she said" and a large dollop of innuendo.

So I don't actually think we know as yet.

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