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March 07, 2009

Graduation parties!

We're coming to that time of year when we've got to start planning. Planning for the great moment in academic life.....when someone graduates! Yes, that's right, we're coming up to the season of the Graduation Party, an essential one of life's marking points.

The thing is, there are so many different ways of celebrating this, of theming the actual party. It's worth actually hooking up with a professional company who can help you organise them, so complex can they become. For example, click through here to see a Gossip Girl themed Graduation Party. There are of course many other possible themes as well.

OK, so that's the High School graduation, what about college? They've just had four years of keg parties (yes, I know, you can't drink until you're 21 but anyone think that really happens?) so you'll want to go a little more formal than that.

But the most important thing to remember is that graduation is one of those rites of passage, like marriage, which mark major changes in our lives. Thus they should indeed be celebrated but the choice of how to do so is entirely up to you....but don't forget to ask the person who is graduating what they would like too!

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