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March 18, 2009

Geeks, great geeks!

In these straightened times we always assume that everything is terrible for everyone. However, this really isn't true. For most of us, even now, things are still getting better. Over and on top of that it's also true that hard times for others, especially for other businesses, can mean good times for us. For prices come down.

That's where  Geeks.com comes in, helping us to get those deals and bargains. Now the first part of their plan, their method of business, is that they're an intensely deal driven company. They're there to put out the goods at the lowest possible price they can, the best price consistent with still staying in business.

That means that Geeks.com has a huge throughput of goods, a huge turnover of their inventory. This ddoesn't matter all that much to us the customers at first sight, but it does become important. For what it also means, this fast and high turnover, is that manufacturers who need quick cash, or who have end of line stock, can offer them to Geeks.com and thus we, the customers, then get very good deals indeed.

In fact, of you look at that last clickthrough, the third, you'll be able to see what one of the comparison sites thinks of the deals available. A lot actually, as you'll see.

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