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March 31, 2009

Furnishing that house

As regular readers will know we've been sorting out and furnishing a house down here. What, as we didn't realise,. is that after the builders have gone that's when the real work starts. OK, as the reason we've got the builders in is that they do all the hard work, what am I complaining about?

Well, actually, it's that after they've gone you have to make choices. What are we going to do about lighting, about lamps? For example, which lamps and lamp shades should we use? Perhaps floor lamps are more our thing? As I say, this is where the work that we have to starts. But it's good work, what is it that we want in our house?

Fortunately, of course, the internet comes to our rescue. For through web sites like those you can see through the links we've got choices, but not hard choices. We can pick and choose without leaving home.

Pretty good, eh?

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