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March 10, 2009

Building a swimming pool

As regular readers will know we're working on sorting out this new (to us at least) house down here and given that we're in a nice warm climate out thoughts have obviously been turning to swimming pools.

Now the thing is,. I'm so dim about building and the like that I thought you just dug a hole and then put water in it. Et voila! A swimming pool. But I'm told that this is in fact known as a way of making mud, not of getting that delightful and refreshing pool experience. The way you get that rather better, you know, Californian, idea is to go to those who build North San Diego swimming pools....after all they are the experts.

Instead of my own strange idea of a ditch plus water equalling the piscine experience, they can help you out with custom pools and indeed they are known for their building of many Orange County swimming pools. Again, if they're building in hte one part of the world where everyone has a pool, or at least, everyone would like one, you know they've got the experience to build one for you, no?

Now excuse me, I need to go through their various different designs to try and work out which one I'd like them to build for me.

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