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February 28, 2009


OK, OK, so we've all bought into the idea that whatever your business, wherever and in whatever field, you're going to need to have a web presence as a part and parcel of the way that you run that business. Yes?

It might be that you're going to sell directly from that site, it might be just that you'll provide information to potential customers on it. Or perhaps you'll simply post up all of your technical manuals to make after sales service easier....as many of the consumer white goods manufacturers do. But whichever of these paths you're going to take it's obvious to us all I think that getting online is essential.

OK, this then brings us to the question of webhosting . Who is going to get that piece of your business?

Now you might think that this isn't really all that important. After all, it's only going to be a small site and....aha! not so fast.  This is something that you really do want to think seriously about, for each and every webhosting  company out there is going to be offering you something different. There are those who will offer a great deal of handholding, great tools to help you build your site and so on. Others will, for the same money, not give you those tools but will offer extremely high up times and huge amounts of bandwidth. What you need to work out is which bundle of services is most important to you and then make sure that whoever you choose provides it.

Click through either of those links to find out all the information about the different companies offering these services. Web Hosting Geeks have done a great job of getting it all together. Hey, they can even tell you who offers Green Web Hosting....if that's the sort of thing that's important to you.

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