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February 27, 2009

Polishing the house off

Long time readers will know that we're in the process of redoing a house down here, turning what was a wreck into a decent home. We're so into it that we just this morning agreed a mortgage on the place so that we can finish the second side....how about that for confidence, eh?

The first side is indeed finished, nice little two bedroom with all the extras and so on. And thatºs where we're just finishing off things. You know, putting in the herb garden (herbs, not 'erb!), planting the flowerbeds and...well, yes, since we're here full time now, we've got to get the mailboxes sorted out. I've been wondering though about what sort we should go for. Maybe one of these whitehouse mailboxes? Or a more traditional type on a mailbox posts? or do we just stick up a few address plaques and tell people to ring the bell?

I have to tell you though that this whole experience has shown me one thing. That when the builders leave you're only half way through. There's a huge amount of stuff that you've got to do after everyone thinks that the place is ready to live in.

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