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January 13, 2009

Satellite TV

OK, so we know that free to air TV programming pretty much sucks. And we also know that cable TV ain't all that much better. For the cable company has a monopoly in your area and the only way you can get a different service is to move house. Well, yes, sorta.

Because there is an alternative, DirecTV. And as the competitor they try and awful lot harder. In fact, the DirecTV offers can be pretty stunning. There's a whole series of different possible deals. From a simple but family friendly package (with none of those channels that you really don't want th  children to see) all the way through to massive packages with all the channels that you do want to see (even if you still don't want the children to see them).

There's also different deals depending on how many rooms you want to have it in, whether you want High Definition or not, which movie channels. In fact, there are so many different ways to slice and dice the offers that it's probably better than you click through here and go and look at the DirecTV deals.

You'll never have to worry about there being nothing on again.

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