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January 26, 2009

Prince Harry dumped on Facebook

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy have officially parted company. 

Harry found out Chelsy was really serious about the split when she updated her Facebook page to relationship status "Not in one".

Poor Harry is said to be pretty upset and being comforted by Army pals.

It has been said that Chelsy is fed-up with Harry's flirting and the fact he is away so much with the Army.  Harry has just started training to be a helicopter pilot and it is said to be very intense with little time for recreation.

Poor Harry.  This is quite a harsh way to find out your relationship is over.

Report: Harry's ex announced split on Facebook
The Associated Press
Britain's News of the World tabloid says Chelsy Davy announced the end of her relationship with Prince Harry by changing her status on ...

Chelsy Davy: A change of heart on Facebook
Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom
Chelsy Davy let the world know that she had broken up with Prince Harry using a thoroughly modern tool: her 'relationship status' on social networking site, ...

Prince Harry's break-up Chelsy Davy felt "betrayed" by party ...
Bild.de, Germany
Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy have called time on their five-year relationship - and it's threatening to lead to royal bust up. On the surface, the party ...

Prince Harry's old flame announces split on Facebook
Chelsy Davy, the former girlfriend of Prince Harry, has confirmed to friends reports of their split by changing her profile on her "Facebook" ...

Chelsy Davy puts on brave face after Prince Harry split
Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom
Chelsy Davy headed off to university as normal this morning after announcing her split from Prince Harry on social networking site Facebook. ...

Why Ravey Davy beats Waity Katie hands down
Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom
So farewell then, Chelsy Davy. After five long years with Prince Harry, she has chosen to bid the flame-haired Royal adieu. ...

Splitsville For Prince Harry, Girlfriend
CBS News, NY
Prince Harry was dumped by his South African girlfriend of five years via the popular social networking site, facebook. | Share/Embed The younger prince of ...

Prince Harry's break-up Chelsy Davy announced royal split via ...
Bild.de, Germany
Chelsy Davy announced her break-up from Prince Harry on the Facebook social networking website. Sexy Chelsy (23) changed her relationship status to ...

‘I’m single,’ Chelsy Davy tells friends on Facebook
Times Online, UK
The second most closely watched courtship in Windsor is officially over, royal sources have confirmed. Chelsy Davy might have forgiven her boyfriend for ...

Royal romance over as Harry and Chelsy split
Scotsman, United Kingdom
The pair have decided to go their separate ways after what is being described as an amicable parting. It comes just weeks after the couple ...

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