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January 26, 2009

Lingerie Bowl canceled

The Lingerie Bowl has been canceled due to a dispute with the hosts.

The Lingerie Bowl was due to be aired as pay-per-view during Super Bowl halftime but has been shelved due to disputes with the Caliente nudist resort where it was due to be played.

According to league spokesman, Stephon McMillen, "The league will not place our fans, players, staff nor partners in a less then comfortable environment that would ultimately jeopardize the mainstream perception and reputation of the brand that so many have worked diligently over these past five years to build."

Angye Fox, a spokeswoman for Caliente Resorts, issued this statement: "Caliente is a luxury clothing-optional resort. We ran into conflicts with the Lingerie Football League wanting more areas of our resort restricted to clothing required then we could accommodate."

If the Lingerie Football League has such a mainstream reputation, why was the only place they could find to hold the Bowl a clothing-optional resort?

Well I think you know the answer to that!

Sorry Lingerie Bowl fans, no game this year
ABC Action News, FL
Officials with Lingerie Bowl VI announced today that the Pay-Per-View event, which was set to feature models in their lingerie playing football during ...

Caliente Too Nude For Lingerie Bowl; Event Canceled
Tampa Tribune, FL
Teams of scantily clad women in helmets and pads compete in a previous Lingerie Bowl.

Lingerie Bowl canceled over dispute with nudist resort
Tampabay.com, FL
It was supposed to be the Lingerie Bowl, not the naked bowl. Citing conflicts with the hosting Caliente ...

The Drama Never Ends for The Lingerie Bowl
The masterminds behind The Lingerie Bowl thought their problems were at an end when they found a new home for this year's edition of the game, but NOOOO, ...

Lingerie Bowl players oppose venue: a nudist resort
Tampabay.com, FL
More problems have hit the Lingerie Bowl, but organizers say the game will go on. Some players have quit the team ...

Players' Pay Squabble Won't Sack Lingerie Bowl
Tampa Tribune, FL
Lingerie Bowl VI features scantily clad women playing tackle football and is scheduled to be played Jan. 31 at the Caliente Spa and Resort. ...

Pasco Nudist Resort Tries to Improve its Image
First Coast News, FL
Angye Fox wasn't sure she would be comfortable at a nudist resort. Now, she is public relations director for the ...

Naked Now Just Fine To Resort PR Director
Angye Fox is the public relations director for the opulent, clothing-optional Caliente Resorts near Tampa, Fla. ..

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