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January 20, 2009

Boston real estate

OK, we know that real estate isn't the greatest investment around at the moment. But we're also pretty sure that it will indeed be a very good investment at some point in the near future. For we do know one thing about markets: while they overshoot , as they obviously did, in the boom, they also do so in the bad times, like now.

So perhaps we should all be preparing to try and call when the market will turn? What about Boston lofts for example, or Boston condos? When are they going to be oversold, cheaper than they should be?

Now it's often said that trying to call the bottom of a market is like trying to catch a falling knife. But that is indeed what has to be done if you're to make any of those super-profits which are going to be available when the market turns.

Check out the information at Bushari Group Real Estate for more information on what's available and see if you can catch that falling knife.

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Hi Tim,
You may not realize this, but it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to read your article due to the noisy ads that a on it, which make you listen to commercials about CLR and other products, and you can't turn them off... and after they are done new ads start playing! oy!! Anyway, thanks for sharing this information on Boston condos. Yes you are right; currently Boston real estate market is not the what it was in past years. But, I am keeping an eye on the Boston condos from last couple of months. In my opinion this trend will change and we’ll see market values will begin increasing again soon.

Posted by: Susan Baker | Jan 28, 2010 2:49:58 PM