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December 31, 2008

Paris Hilton - shopping

Paris Hilton shops to save us all

Poor Paris Hilton!  Now she cannot even do a bit of shopping without questions being raised in the Australian government.

Paris is in Sydney to host a New Years Eve party for which she is being paid $68,500 which for her is probably very little money.  So Paris decided to go shopping and spent $3,488 in a 40 minute shopping spree.

This caused uproar with local charities accusing Paris of callous excess.  Have the Australians never been designer shopping before.  It really does not take long to spend $3,500 these days.

Paris defended her 'splurge' saying, "I'm in Australia, I think it's important to help out, you know, the economy out here, everywhere in the world.  And what's wrong with doing a little shopping? It's New Year's, I need a New Year's dress."

Now here is the weird bit, Julia Gillard acting Prime Minister was questioned about Paris's shopping.  Why?  Is there nothing more important going on in Australia at the moment.  Nothing at all?!?

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