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December 24, 2008

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Is the Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott partnership on the brink?

Rumors say that Russell wants Ridley fired from their new collaboration, Nottingham.  After a run of good fortune with Gladiator, A Good Year and American Gangster, the Crowe/Scott partnership took a hit from the critics with Body of Lies.

Apparently Crowe blames Scott for the critics tongue-lashing and does not want to work with him again.  However a source said, "Ridley is the only one who is willing to stand up to Russell and tell him he's too fat and that he can't show up four hours late to the set.  He [Russell] wants someone he can control."

So Russell, maybe you are not as much of a man as you make out.  Film takes a hit and you do not want to take part of the responsibility.  Take it on the chin, son and get on with the next job.

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