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November 12, 2008

Brad Pitt bodyguard trouble

Poor Brad Pitt.  He goes to the premiere of his own film and gets manhandled out by his own security detail.

Brad was in Los Angeles for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  He arrived only thirty minutes before the premiere was due to start.  He probably got held up because it was his turn to empty the washer.  Let's face it they must get through a lot of washing powder!

Anyway, the paps descended on Brad,the security guy got confused and got hold of Brad spun him around and proceeded to eject him from the area.  Brad had a word with the guard and then legged it to the bathroom until the area was cleared.

When asked about the incident Brad said, "just another day".

Pitt caught between bodyguard, media
Times of India, India
The incident took place on November 10, as Pitt, who arrived 30 minutes early for the glitzy event at the city''s Bruin Theatre, made his way along the red ...

Pitt is manhandled by his own bodyguard
RTE.ie, Ireland
Brad Pitt was reportedly "grabbed and pushed" by his own security guard at a screening of his new movie 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. ...

Pap Madness: "Another Day in the Life," Pitt Says
E! Online
Contrary to the photographic evidence, Brad Pitt and his security guard weren't hugging it out at the premiere of the star's Oscar-bait The Curious Case of ...

Pitt Handled Roughly By Security Guard
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA
Actor Brad Pitt was the victim of a bizarre incident on Monday when a security guard grabbed him and spun him round at the Los Angeles premiere of his ...

Brad Pitt roughed up by his own bodyguard
National Post, Canada
It must be hard enough for Brad Pitt, what with the seemingly thousands of paparazzi and fans surrounding him at any given time trying to rip little pieces ...

Brad Pitt Duffed Around By His Own Security
hecklerspray, Los Angeles
Brad Pitt doesn’t have many requirements when choosing security - it’s nice if they’re physically intimidating and it helps if they know who Brad Pitt is. ...

Another Day in the Life of Superstar Brad Pitt
Security guards usually help Brad Pitt have some breathing space from the ever-present paparazzi but Monday night was all around breathless ...

Pitt in mistaken identity
TeleText, UK
Brad Pitt was mistaken for a paparazzo snapper at a screening of his new film The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. The actor was manhandled by a security ..

Brad Pitt in security scare
Streem, Australia
A prized endorsement has been won by Australia - that of US talkshow host Oprah Winfrey. Brad Pitt was involved in a security incident on Monday night at a ...

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