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November 03, 2008

Amy Winehouse Looking Better

Amy Winehouse is out and about looking better than she has in sometime. 

Amy was on her way to hospital to receive treatment for a chest infection but she looked positively glowing.  The week before was spent in a private clinic which seems to have done the trick.  Amy has put on weight and tidied herself up.

Perhaps she has decided enough is enough and to get on with her life and career she needs to be clean and healthy.

Husband Blake will be out of prison next month, lets hope she can keep up the clean and healthy lifestyle when he gets home.

Now troubled Amy Winehouse checks into hospital for chest infection
Mail on Sunday - London,UK
A plumper faced Amy Winehouse looked better than she has in months out in London this week Last Friday, Amy was spotted leaving the clinic healthier than ...

Winehouse back in the hospital
College News - Chicago,IL,USA
Amy Winehouse checked herself back into the hospital Monday, November 3rd, People.com is reporting. The singer checked into the London Clinic last week for ...

SHOCK! Amy Winehouse back in hospital
Now Magazine Online - London,England,UK
The singer underwent a series of medical exams last week to see if her emphysema had cleared up. But after a weekend at home, Amy, 25, has gone back to The ...

Winehouse: I'm getting better
The Sun - London,UK
AMY WINEHOUSE is determined to kick her drug and booze addictions once and for all – telling fans “I’m getting better”. ...

Amy Winehouse Hospital Release
MTV UK - London,England,UK
Winehouse was admitted to The London Clinic last Saturday, a move which sparked suspicions she was receiving treatment for her ongoing addictions – although ...

Amy Winehouse Returns to Hospital
Showbiz Spy - Guildford,England,UK
The Rehab hitmaker spent the past week being treated at the London Clinic. She left the hospital on Friday, but checked back ...

Winehouse Leaves, Returns to Hospital
Popeater - New York,NY,USA
Nothing about Amy Winehouse's life seems to be predictable these days, so why would you think her leaving the hospital would be any different? ...

Amy Winehouse 'Back In Hospital To Receive Extra Treatment'
Gigwise - UK
Amy Winehouse has returned to hospital to continue ongoing treatment for a chest infection, according to reports. ...

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