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October 04, 2008

Sarah Palin Porn

Sarah Palin has become the subject of a porn film

Lisaann_thumb Larry Flynt's Hustler Video company has filmed a porn flick tentatively named, Nailin' Paylin.  The porn movie stars curvy Lisa Ann as Governor Sarah Palin in a fictionalized version of her life.

The script is said to have several scenes from a erotisized version of Palin's life, including a three-way with Hillary and Condoleeza looky-likeys and a flashback to college life where her professor explains his own version of the Big Bang theory.

Hustler Video advertized for a Sarah Palin look-alike on Craigslist, offering "$2000-3000 ... No anal required."  Industry insiders said the going rate is usually about $600.

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News stories

Larry Flynt To Make A Sarah Palin-Based Porno
mediabistro.com, NY
We love this world. We love this job. And we love Peter Larsen for finding stuff like this: "Lisa Ann, a 36-year-old adult movie actress from Huntington ...

HUSTLER Wants Everyone 'Nailin Paylin'
Actress Archives, NY
Just when you thought that all the celebrities had conspired to behave for a change and make it the slowest news day ever, Larry Flynt comes to the rescue. ...

The Star Report: Larry Flynt lives up to sketchy rep with Sarah
San Jose Mercury News,  USA
Life can be strange. One day you're an unknown moose-hunting hockey mom who also happens to be Alaska's governor, and the next you're the ...

Sarah Palin porn film made by Larry Flynt
Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom
Pornography baron Larry Flynt has filmed an adult movie about Sarah Palin, with a look-alike standing in for the Republican vice-presidential nominee. ...

Hustler Video to Release Sarah Palin Inspired Porn Flick
Gay Wired, CA
Love her or hate her, never let it be said that Gov. Sarah Palin hasn’t inspired some strong reactions ...

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