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October 03, 2008

Sarah Palin beauty pageant video

A video has surfaced of a 1984 beauty pageant which says it is Sarah Palin strutting her stuff in a red one piece swimsuit.

So I went to take a look.  Well, it is grainy so it is hard to discern if it is Sarah Palin.  The voice over sounds like it is the original, not something that has been added later.

If I was Abby from NCIS or Archie from CSI I would be able to give you critical analysis and then undeniable proof of whether the video is real or not.  But I am not so all I can say is it might be her and then again it might not.

Have a looky and make up your own mind.

The book world scrambles to capitalize on Palin’s buzz
Christian Science Monitor, MA
Sarah Palin has certainly managed to jazz the news cycle. So it’s not surprising that publishers are now hoping ..

Klein: Palin Was Fine, But This Debate Was No Contest
Joe Biden and Republican vice presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin shake hands at the end their debate on Oct. 2 Rick Wilking / AP She was animated ...

Palin-Biden: Lots of Style, Not as Much Substance
Forbes, NY
My 16-year-old daughter watched a few minutes of the debate and said that Sarah Palinsounded like she was a contestant in a beauty pageant. ...

Sarah Palin makes it big online
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
Actress Gina Gershon's bikini-wearing gun-toting parody of Palin, and Palin's appearances in the 1984 Miss Alaska beauty pageant have also drawn a lot of ...

A spirited debate between Biden and Palin
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA
Sarah Palin - marshaling folksy charm, brimming confidence and barbed attacks - faced down a crucial test to her political future in Thursday's debate ...

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