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October 09, 2008

Paris Hilton - President Video

Paris Hilton continues campaigning for the fake presidency in her new Funny or Die video. 

Paris seeks advice from the King of fake Presidents, Martin Sheen.  While at a party thrown by Paris the pair have a tete-a-tete in the kitchen.  Nuggets of wisdom are shared before they are interrupted by Martin's son Charlie.

To view the video click here

Hilton enlists Sheen in 'campaign' video
RTE.ie, Ireland
Paris Hilton has enlisted the help of actor Martin Sheen in her latest video clip in her bid to become 'fake' president of the US. People.com reports that ...

Hilton getting serious help in her fake run
Chicago Tribune, United States
Hilton, in her latest FunnyorDie.com video clip, confers with "one of the greatest fake presidents"—Martin Sheen, who memorably played President Bartlet on ...

Paris Hilton appears in election video with Martin Sheen
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia
PARIS Hilton has appeared in ANOTHER video making the rounds, but this time her co-star is a little more respectable, and she says it's all in a good cause. ...

Paris Hilton is joined by Martin Sheen for her fake US ...
Times Online, UK
As the real presidential candidates wound up their second debate on Wednesday, Paris Hilton has continued her fake presidential bid by releasing a second ...

Hilton continues online presidential campaign
The Associated Press
Watch out world: Paris Hilton is continuing her bid for the White House. The paparazzi darling and reality TV star touted her candidacy ...

Paris Hilton Seeks Advice for 'Fake' Presidential Campaign From ...
Socialite Paris Hilton released a new video in her bid to become the next "fake" president, and this time solicited advice from actor Martin Sheen, ...

Paris Hilton Is Back On The Campaign Trail, Seeking 'Fake ...
In latest Funny or Die clip, 'West Wing' star Martin Sheen tells the heiress she's 'going to make a great fake president.' By James Montgomery Paris Hilton ..

Paris Hilton for President video with Martin Sheen
Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom
Paris Hilton is furthering her bid for the US Presidency - by offering solutions to the nation's financial crisis. By Anita Singh, Showbusiness Editor The ..

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