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October 16, 2008

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is so out of her head on drugs she blames the devil for her addiction.

At a recent studio recording session, Winehouse is filmed playing her guitar wearing trousers and a bra with her becoming trademark cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She then smashes the guitar and launches into a foul mouthed tirade.

I think if Amy is blaming the devil for her addiction, then she must see her self as the devil because there really is no one else to blame but herself.

Get a grip girly and get a decent stint of rehab under your belt!

Amy Winehouse Blames The Devil For Her Drug Addiction?
Entertainmentwise - London,UK
Amy Winehouse reportedly lost her cool during a recent studio recording session - blaming the devil for her drug addiction. According to a UK publication, ...

Amy Winehouse’s devil drugs
Celebritygossip.ie - Dublin,Ireland
The troubled singer - bizarrely dressed in only skimpy black shorts and a lace bra - was in a West London recording studio attempting to pen tracks for her ...

Amy Winehouse blames devil for drug problem
Amy Winehouse blamed her drug habit and the fact that her life has spiralled out of control on the devil. During a furious rant in a West London recording ...

Winehouse blames 'devil' for drug habit
NDTV.com - New Delhi,India
Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse seemed to have lost it at a recording studio and blamed the devil for her drug habit. The 25-year-old Winehouse was ...

Amy Winehouse rants that Satan was giving her drugs!
South Asian Women's Forum - New Delhi,India
Amy Winehouse lost it completely while recording her third album in a studio and launched into a foul-mouthed tirade about record bosses, screaming that ...

Winehouse blames ‘devil’ for drug habit
Thaindian.com - Bangkok,Bangkok,Thailand
Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse seemed to have lost it at a recording studio and blamed the devil for her drug habit. ...

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Whatever someone may say about Amy Winehouse, despite her personal challenges, she is a remarkably gifted vocalist. At an earlier time, she was incredibly beautiful, an amazing presence to see and hear during her performance.

To see her now is just . . . heartbreaking.

In many ways, reminds me of Whitney Houston.

I really do wish Amy the best, but this girl has got to get her life back on track. Far be it from me to pas judgement on anyone with such challenges, as I recall to this very day when I had been down the same road. I eventually did go in for rehab, into a very serious no fooling around 30 day live-in program, but in my case, I went in determined to make it.

I literally was at rock bottom, and I knew I had to get that poison out my system, and out of my consciousness.

That was almost 20 years ago, Every morning I wake up and see daylight coming in through the window, I know that only reason I'm still here alive and breathing is because I made that choice.

Amy, you've got to do the same.

You are now at that fork in the road. I know of what I speak, been there, done that

I wish you the best

Posted by: Charles | Oct 24, 2008 8:14:09 PM

I think this may be a step in the right direction for Amy. It seems that she at least knows that she is not being her "best self". This is her way of seeing that something other than her has taken over her life. Call it the devil, little purple monsters or whatever. I think separating the drugs and seeing them as an enemy that one can have some power over is positive. The devil is usually contrasted with the power of higher power. I take it that Amy will try to arest her drug addiction by getting some help to slay this "demon" that she has become enslaved by. Good for her! Anything is better than nothing!

Posted by: Tonia | Oct 26, 2008 1:40:18 PM

She needs to rehabilitate, we don't need to judge her inspite of what happened to her.


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