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September 18, 2008

Nicole Kidman in Eighth Wonder

Nicole Kidman has signed up to star in Eighth Wonder, an action adventure movie based around an archaeological discovery.

Now I do not want to disrespect Nicole Kidman, but doesn't anyone else find the words Nicole Kidman and action adventure in the same sentence wrong?

Is she going to be doing the action? Because if she is I just don't buy it.  Kidman is, too fragile, too slight for this type of thing.  If you told me Angelina Jolie had signed then I would feel the movie was in safe hands.

Nicole Kidman may prove me wrong, for the sake of the movie I hope she does.

Nicole Kidman To Star In New Adventure Film "The Eighth Wonder"
New mom Nicole Kidman is set to star in the new action-adventure film from 20th Century Fox. "The Eighth Wonder" will be produced by ...

Nicole Kidman to produce and act in Eighth Wonder
Indiantelevision.com - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
Actress Nicole Kidman has signed up to produce and star in a new action film, The Eighth Wonder. ...

Kidman to Star in The Eighth Wonder
RTE.ie - Ireland
Nicole Kidman will star in and produce a new action-adventure film, 'The Eighth Wonder'. According to The Hollywood Reporter the plot focuses on an ...

Nicole Kidman's Wonder role
stv.tv - UK
The 'Moulin Rouge!' actress has signed up for 'The Eighth Wonder' a fast-paced adventure based on an archaeological discovery. The film will be directed by ...

Nicole Kidman To Search For Mythical Fountain Of Botox In 'The ...
Defamer.com - Los Angeles,CA,USA
Nicole Kidman will star in The Eighth Wonder, an action-adventure whose goal "is to be to Raiders of the Lost Ark what the Bourne movies are to James Bond ...

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