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September 02, 2008

Josh Harnett sex tape

Josh Harnett and female friend could not wait to get a room at a London hotel so they got down and dirty in the library.  Unfortunately for them the little used library had security cameras and they are now stars of a home made porn film.

While they were getting heavy several members of the hotel staff watched on the monitor.  A source said, "No one quite knew where to look and there was a very awkward silence."   Did not seem to stop them watching or informing the media afterwards.

Josh Hartnett Sex Tape Scandal?
Entertainmentwise, UK
Josh Hartnett is the latest star to be caught up in a sex tape scandal after a passionate encounter in a London hotel room was reportedly caught on camera. ...

Josh Hartnett Sex Tape Video?
Right Celebrity, CA
Josh Hartnett is just the latest celebrity to be embroiled in a sex tape scandal. Check out the photos and video below! ...

Report: Josh Hartnett's Romp With Woman Caught on Camera
"Pearl Harbor" star Josh Hartnett's romp with a mystery woman at his hotel was caught on camera, the UK's Daily Mirror reports. ...

Oops! Hartnett accidentally stars in sex tape
Thanks to some well-placed surveillance cameras, Josh Hartnett starred in an inadvertent sex tape, reports The Daily Mirror. ...

Josh Hartnett Sex Tape? Sex Fling Caught on Camera
Post Chronicle
Josh Hartnett may be in front of cameras a lot, but there's one camera he probably didn't want to be in front of - a hotel security camera! ...

Josh Hartnett romps with mystery woman in hotel library
Now Magazine Online, UK
Josh Hartnett is said to have enjoyed a steamy clinch with an unnamed woman in a top London hotel. The pair were caught on CCTV as they romped in the ...

Josh Hartnett unwittingly stars in sex tape!
South Asian Women's Forum, India
Josh Hartnett unwittingly starred in a sex tape when a surge of hormones prompted him to enter a little used hotel library in a SoHo hotel with an ...

Josh Hartnett Sex Tape?
Hollyscoop, CA
There are some celebrities whose names we never want to hear associated with 'sex tape' and Josh Hartnett is one of them. He's cute and all, but we really ...


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