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September 25, 2008

Angelina Jolie nude photos & video

Angelina Jolie nude and sexy

All the videos and photos of Angelina Jolie anyone could want.

In her recent film, Wanted, Angelina Jolie took the opportunity to show off her hot bot and tattooed back when she climbed out of a swimming pool. I saw this and thought, what the World needs is an extensive listing of photos and videos of Angelina Jolie nude, topless or sexy.

So here it is.

Warning, a lot of these links go to sites with nudity and explicit photos on them.  They are Not Safe For Work.  You may prefer to skip to the bottom section that has pictures that are sexy without any nudity.

Angelina Jolie has appeared topless or nude in a lot of movies, so let's start videos and stills from...

Her Movies

Angelina's movie debut was Cyborg 2.  She was 17 when she played a cyborg called Cash.  The film contains a love scene between Jolie and Elias Koteas which features Jolie topless.  Here is video of the love-scene.

In Foxfire, Jolie plays one of a gang of girls who beat up a teacher who sexually harasses them.  They bond and do things as a group, like taking their tops off...  Video footage of topless self-tattooing here.

Gia was a film Angelina made about model Gia Carangi.  One memorable scene has Jolie in nothing but high-heels separated from her love, Lost star, Elizabeth Mitchell by a chain link fence.  At the end, the fence was smoking!  The video is here.

In Original Sin, Jolie plays a young woman arriving in Cuba to meet her future husband (Antonio Banderas) for the first time.  It's a tale of intrigue and sex.  Lots of intrigue and lots of sex.  Video footage is here.

In Taking Lives, Angelina played an FBI profiler.  I don't want to spoil the plot, so let's just say her work takes her very close to Ethan Hawke's character, very close on the table, very close against the wall...

Moving away from movies, here are some other photos of Angelina.

Here is Naked Angelina.
And here we have Topless Angelina.
Here, Angelina is topless, getting a kiss from a horse!
Next, a couple of photos of Jolie wearing see-through tops.
Here is a long-lens shot of her getting dressed in public.
A heavily CGIed Angelina as Grendel's Mother in Beowulf.
And finally, a couple of fake photos, topless and full-frontal.

The final section is of sexy photos where the clothes stay on.

They are all large images, so could be used as desktop wallpaper.

Angelina in revealing white dress
Angelina in bed
Angelina in the grass
Angelina with sexy teeth
Angelina on a chaise longue
Angelina as Lara Croft

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