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September 09, 2008

Back to School

Aha! The school year is starting and so the great adventure begins. No, not the simple beginning of the education of on of the darling little anklebiters, rather, the adventure of making sure that the child retains all the things which you've so expensively equipped them with for that school year.

Yes, this means those  Color labels which need to be plastered over everything the child owns so that they can be distinguished from those of others. After all, you've spent weeks earning the money to buy them and further weeks trailing around the stores to get them....you really don't want to find that they're confused with those of other children, do you?

And it isn't just the protractor or the compass set that needs to be marked with those Color labels. Click through to the site to see the excellent suggestions for other places where they might usefully be used. How about on the lunchbox? We know that these can easily become lost or confused with those of another.....if you've gone to the effort of making that organic wholegrain salad sandwitch, you really don't want your little one opening someone else's box to find a PBJ, do you?

Gym clothes, toys, homework....all can and should be labelled so it's worth clicking through to see how you can make your life easier by doing so.

I  certainly used Dymo to help me do this when I went to school and chances are you did too....

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