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September 08, 2008

Amy Winehouse Bestival bust up

Following on from her surprising demands Amy Winehouse was an hour late arriving on stage for her Bestival performance.

The reason why?  She refused to get out of the car until someone dried the grass.  Apparently Amy screeched, 'I'm not standing in that f***ing mud until somebody dries the grass.'  Christ, the woman has turned into a total diva. 

When she finally did get on stage her set was cut.  A source said, "She changed songs halfway through, saying 'Switch to Rehab, faster, faster. We have got one song left but I know you aren't that bothered.'"

Bestival was Winehouse's last scheduled gig, so hopefully she will now go away and leave the rest of us in peace!

Amy Winehouse booed at Bestival
NME.com, UK
Amy Winehouse was booed at Bestival this weekend (September 6) after arriving on stage 40 minutes late, marking an ignominious end to the singer's final ...

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Bild.de, Germany
Amy Winehouse disappointed fans with a patchy Bestival performance on Saturday. The troubled singer's show at the festival on the Isle Of Wight was proof ...

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Gigwise, UK
A number of festival goers at last weekend's Bestival on the Isle of Wight walked out on Amy Winehouse's headline performance, it's emerged ...

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MyParkMag, UK
Amy Winehouse was nearly an hour late on stage at a UK music festival because she refused to get her feet wet. The 24-year-old singer arrived 45 minutes ...

Amy Winehouse booed again after booze collapse at Bestival
Mirror.co.uk, UK
Diva strops, a boozy collapse and a car crash performance - Amy Winehouse sure knows how to liven up a festival. ...

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Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom
Twenty years on from the second summer of love, perhaps the biggest legacy of rave culture is Britain's phenomenal appetite for music festivals. ...

Bestival on the Isle of Wight
Times Online, UK
Glastonbury may have been spared its traditional biblical floods this year, but Bestival proved less fortunate when the festival season reached its ...

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