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August 22, 2008

Yes, but which one?

That's always the problem with all these new and wonderful services that we can get. Yes, we know that we can have DSL, VOIP, cable and wireless internet. But the big two questions are: which is the right technology for me and then, the second, which is the right supplier of that technology for me? In short, which one?

Fortunately those nice propleopver at Get ISP infor have worked on this problem for you and written a great guideto what are the ins and outs of each ofthe technologies and which you might prefer. For example, you can click through here to get a DSL Internet service provider. What they'll provide, who will provide it, all the things you need to know.

That's not all they'll tell you about, of course. This is an excellent guide to choosing an ISP provider. What comesbundledwith the package? What speed to you need or can you get, those sorts of things. Or your guide of everything to do with spam. Including, naturally, how to beat it. Very important, how to avoid online scams. One part of which of course is learning how to secure your wireless network.

All in all a great little site to answer your questions about who where and what can be done about getting you onto the net in the best and most efficient (and safest) manner.

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