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August 13, 2008

Paris Hilton sued

Paris Hilton is being sued for non promotion of the 2006 flop, National Lampoon's Pledge This!.  Court papers filed in Miami claim that Paris Hilton was paid $1 million for acting services and "reasonable promotion and publicity" of the film.

Worldwide Entertainment Group Inc. are asking for the return of $75,000.

Given that the film is 90 minutes long, she was paid $171 a second for her acting during the film, so it seems they wanted 7 minutes of acting (that it was a good movie) in front of journalists.

Mean old Paris couldn't even give them that.

Producers sue Paris Hilton for not promoting box office bomb
Bradenton Herald - FL, United States
As if starring in the flop flick National Lampoon's PledgeThis wasn't bad enough, socialite Paris Hilton now has ...

Hilton 'failed to promote comedy'
BBC News - UK
US socialite Paris Hilton has been accused of not fulfilling promotional obligations for a 2006 comedy film in which she appeared. ...

Paris Hilton sued for not promoting her film
South Asian Women's Forum - New Delhi,India
a straight to DVD comedy film released in 2006, sued Paris Hilton on Tuesday, August 12 for not doing enough to promote the film. ...

Paris Hilton Sued By Film Producers
OK! Magazine - New York,NY,USA
... the real reason that National Lampoon's Pledge This! was such a huge disappointment at the box office wasn't Paris Hilton's performance, but the lack of ...

Hilton Sued Over Movie Promotion
Showbiz Spy - Guildford,England,UK
PARIS HILTON is being sued by a company that alleges the socialite owes them $75000 (GBP37,500) for not fully promoting a movie she starred in. ..

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