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August 06, 2008

Paris Hilton McCain Ad

Paris Hilton has hit back at John McCain by recording her own campaign video.

Paris tells us how she will solve the energy crisis and paint the White House pink if she is elected.  Paris also lays into McCain calling him "wrinkly," "old," and "white-haired dude,"  His readiness to lead is also questioned at the beginning of the video.

John McCain shot himself in the foot by using Paris's image in a recent campaign video.  Both Paris's parents and her grandfather have donated the maximum number of dollars allowed to his campaign coffers.  There is a good chance they won't be doing that again.

Opinion: Hilton Hit the Mark with Anti-McCain Spoof
Deutsche Welle, Germany
But DW's Jefferson Chase says Paris Hilton's parodic defense  of Barack Obama's Berlin speech effectively skewered the xenophobia of John McCain's attack ads ...

Paris Hilton Enters Election; Viral History
Wired News
Pop heiress Paris Hilton has announced her bid for presidency with a hilarious parody campaign video on comedy site Funny or Die. The socialite's spoof ad ..

Paris Hilton's political ad gets at least one thing right
Entertainment Weekly
Whether or not you agree with John McCain's "Celebrity" ad lumping Barack Obama in with personalities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, ...

Video: Hilton Releases Spoof of McCain Celebrity Ad
And while the McCain ad made visual reference to the likes of Paris Hilton .. This spoof ad, features the hotel heiress .. SOT: but then that wrinkly white ..

Paris Hilton punks John McCain
Kansas City Star, MO
Originally posted on FunnyOrDie.com, here's Paris Hilton's video response to presidential candidate John McCain's ad featuring her. ...

Paris Hilton to John McCain: I'm, like, 'totally ready to lead'
National Post, Canada
Enter Paris Hilton. Yes, she’s ditzy, but never underestimate her marketing savvy, no matter how modest her other talents. How else do you get to be world ...

Paris Hilton for president
Dallas Morning News, TX
Paris Hilton released a video today declaring her willingness to serve as the nation's commander-in-bikini now that John McCain has so generously placed her ...

Paris Hilton Responds To John McCain Ad With Her Own Campaign Video
"Perhaps the reality is that Paris has a more substantive energy plan than Barack Obama." In the past, the Hilton family has supported the Republican Party, ...
Paris Hilton issues tart's rebuttal to McCain ad (That's hot)
Seattle Post Intelligencer
With those words, Paris Hilton signed off on the spoof campaign ad making waves online this morning. The video was posted on humor site FunnyOrDie.com. ..

Paris Hilton gets political
ITV.com, UK
Paris Hilton has created an ad in response to presidential candidate John McCain's campaign video which featured her. The campaign video titled Celeb ...

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