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August 09, 2008

Order Checks Online

OK, so we know that we can get our checks through the bank, yes?

But how boring is that? Vastly more fun to actually get your checks designed just the way you want them, rather than the terribly limited options available from the bank itself. It's also true that the bank charges you for your checks.....of course, nothing is for free in this life. But then when the bank sees a real live customer right in front of them they're not going to start offering good deals on the priec of those checks now, are they?

Well, quite, so why not have a look here and see how you can Order checks online.

It's almost certainly cheaper than what your bank offers you: well, most especially if you take advantage of this coupon code: Checks25. This will give you 25% off your order for checks.

And you can have the checks made pretty much how you like. Add a logo (only 99 cents!), choose the colors, the design. Put as much information onto them as you like. And yes, you can get personal checks, larger sized business checks, conputer ones to make it easy to print them. All the usual options are available and many that are more unusual.

The bottom line though is this. You know you've got to have checks, so why not get them better, cheaper, than you can get them from your bank?

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