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August 28, 2008

Madonna sued

Madonna is being sued for unpaid movie debts.

The lawsuit states that Madonna borrowed over $400,000 along with her manager Guy Oseary to finance Maverick Girls, a 2006 film starring Hilary Duff.

The money was lent by Jay Dykes Jr, of Dykes and Dykes LLC who also says he did not get the promised co-producer credit.

I have to say who in their right mind would lent Madonna money for a film.  She does not have the best track record.   In music she is the business, but where movies are concerned even I would keep my money in my pocket!

Madonna Sued Over Movie Debts
MTV UK - London,England,UK
But according to Jay Dykes Jr, of Dykes and Dykes LLC who lent the money to Madonna (as well as her manager Guy Oseary on behalf of their Maverick Motion ...

Madonna sued for non-payment of loan
Times of India - India
Pop superstar Madonna was sued by financier Jay Dykes Jr. who alleges that she has failed to repay a loan of over $400000 that she took to make a movie in ...

Madonna sued for not repaying loan
Oneindia, India
Popstar Madonna has been targeted in a lawsuit that claims that she has failed to repay over 400000 dollars in loans an amount which she ...

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