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August 25, 2008

Lemon laws and laywers

We all know what lemons are, right? No, not the things you make lemonade from.....no I mean products that are seriously awful, things that were simply never made right?

The phrase originally comes from cars. The design might be fine, there's hundreds of thousands of others of the same model out there on the road that are fine but your particular one just keeps on breaking down. One thing after another....right, that's a lemon.

There's actually one economist who won the Nobel Prize for pointing out the problems such lemons have in markets...

Anyway, lemons really do cause big problems so there's a whole series of laws detailing what you can do about having ended up with such a terrible product. Unfortunately, they're not simple laws. That's why you might want to have a look over here at this collection of Lemon Law information. It's a very handy site, telling you what you need to know about how you can protect yourself and how to use the law to do so.

Of course, there's information on California Lemon Laws as that'swhere the whole movement started but there's also details of Lemon Law statutes by state and that's important because they do vary widely from state to state.

Well worth having a look through and seeing how the law has been drafted to help you.

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