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August 08, 2008

Edwards Affair

There's a lot being said about this affair that John Edwards had with Rielle Hunter.

There's the part about how awful John Edwards was to be cheating on his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, while she was suffering from (or, to taste, in remission from) breast cancer.

There's also the part that he was going to continue the campaign, because he and Elizabeth really believed in this solving poverty thing.

There's even that thing about Elizabeth Edwards using the eggs of another woman in order to give John Edwards children.

All of these would righteously stay private, if John Edwards had not run for great office. And when he did, he had that affair. And he also said:

Edwards had heatedly denied the affair after the Enquirer floated the possibility last Oct. 11.

“The story is false. It's completely untrue, ridiculous,” he said of the original report.

He's a liar, a stone cold, caught in the act liar.


Edwards told Woodruff that he did have an affair with Hunter but said that he did not love her, ABC News said in a press release.

He's a cad. The least you can do for your cancerous wfe is to say that who screwed somone else because you were emotionally involved with them....that is at least understandable, love moves, love changes.

Naw honey, I just screwed some blonde?


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Edwards has always had an air of total hypocrisy. He is disgusting. This scandal, by keeping him out of the Democratic Convention is truly well-timed.

Posted by: Howard Gibson | Aug 11, 2008 4:17:03 AM