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August 24, 2008

David Blaine Mad as a Monkey

David Blaine plans to hang over Central Park in September.  David Blaine, magician and mad man will hang like a bat over Central Park for three days and two nights in a stunt called David Blaine: Dive of Death.

The final two hours of this "amazing" stunt will be broadcast on television.

Is it me or has David Blaine turned into a desperate man.  Why can't he do normal magic tricks?  Why does he have to do these endurance stunts?  No one says Wow, everyone just shakes their head and mouths "nutter" to each other.

David Blaine, enough is enough, get a proper job!

David Blaine plans Batman stunt
Sify, India
Endurance artiste and magician David Blaine plans to shock audience in September by hanging over New York's Central Park like a bat. ...

David Blaine Gets All Wired Up
E! Online
24, this one going by the not at all sensationalistic title of David Blaine: Dive of Death. The new endurance test will take place above the park's iconic ...

David Blaine to hang upside down for three days in public
Infos Jeunes France, France
I'm confused as to whether I want to respect or mock David Blaine.  He does stunts that push his body to the point where he could easily die, ...

Blaine's Next TV Stunt: Inverted in New York
Hartford Courant, United States
David Blaine returns to network TV next month with a premiere week stunt Sept. ...

ABC to Air Live David Blaine Special
World Screen News, NY
Magician and endurance artist David Blaine will attempt his latest stunt, hanging upside down as he walks on the underside of a wire, ...

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