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August 12, 2008

Angelina Jolie undecided on President

Angelina Jolie says she undecided  on who to vote for come the November election.

Jolie, registered as an independent voter and not a Democrat as many assumed, is wanting to know what “commitments they will make on issues like international justice, refugees and how to address the needs of children in crisis around the world.”

These are issues close to Jolie's heart and the candidate's answers will play a large part in her voting decision on November 4th.

Angelina Jolie “Undecided” on Presidential Candidate
TransWorldNews (press release) - Monroe,GA,USA
Angelina Jolie says she has not decided which presidential candidate she will support. The actress says she remains undecided on whom she will vote for ...

Angelina Jolie’s Presidential Pick is Undecided
Just Jared - New York,NY,USA
United Nations goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie hasn’t decided who she’s voting for between Presidential hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama. ...

Angelina Jolie Undecided on Her President
andPOP - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Not only do movie producers want her, but Presidential hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama also want Angelina Jolie on their side. ...

ROLL CALL: Angelina Jolie Undecided On Obama & McCain
Access Hollywood - USA
Angelina On The Obama/McCain Fence: Angelina Jolie still hasn’t decided who she’ll cast a ballot for in November. ...

Angelina Jolie Undecided on Presidential Pick
People Magazine - USA
Angelina Jolie Photo by: Michael A. Mariant / AP One Hollywood star being hotly pursued – not only by movie producers, ...

Angelina Jolie Hasn't Picked Her President Yet
Times of the Internet - North Olmsted,Ohio,USA
Angelina Jolie hasn't decided between John McCain or Barack Obama yet. The actor, who recently gave birth to twins, ...

Jolie Undecided On Presidential Candidate
Hollyscoop - Los Angeles,CA,USA
While nearly every Hollywood heavyweight is singing Obama's praises, Angelina Jolie says she's still "undecided" about who she'll be supporting. ...

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