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July 23, 2008

"S&M Barbie"

Mattell are releasing a new Barbie doll this Fall - but you may wish to pause before suggesting Granny buy it for little Jasmine - it's modelled on a fish-net and bustier wearing super-hero.

The look of Black Canary Barbie is based on DC Comics' Black Canary super-hero, but some have suggested she looks like S&M Barbie or lap-dancer Barbie.

Toys like this always cause controversy as they fall between two stools.  People associate Barbie with elementary school girls, but the marketing department at Mattell want to sell their brand to a wider audience, including adult doll collectors.  Hence, Barbie in a basque.  Media Mouths like to make a fuss about "S&M Barbie", but in the end there's an effective buffer that keeps toys like this from children - their parents.

Critics Slam Mattel's New Barbie, Calling S&M Outfit 'Filth'
Fox News 
Barbie’s new S&M look has whipped up a storm — with protesters dubbing it "filth"...

Risqué Barbie won't harm minds that are already oh-so ...
Scotsman, United Kingdom
TEMPESTS in teapots are the best sort. Confined to a tight space, they make a lot of noise, but quickly burst their confines and trickle away ...

Barbie gets dirrty…Critics label her ‘filthy’
St. Louis Post-Dispatch,  United States
Barbie’s taking a walk on the wild side — in a black leather body suit, black boots and gloves and fishnet hose. ...

Critics slam new Barbie with fishnets
Charlotte Observer, NC
Barbie has always been a little racy. But the latest doll, called Black Canary Barbie, features fishnet stockings, a motorcycle jacket, black gloves and ...

Bottom line: That Barbie girl needs to put her pants back on
Hilton Head Island Packet, SC
Can't a girl wear some fishnets and pleather panties without PTA Barbie and her pals — and by "pals" I mean that judgmental freckle-face Midge — clamoring ...

Barbie - Black Canary
Right Celebrity, CA
Is the new Barbie an S&M Barbie? Typically, we think of Barbie dolls as mostly wholesome toys. However, for a lot of folks, the new “Black Canary ...

S & M Barbie is a bad role model!
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com, NJ
Umm, Barbie? The bondage den is a five miles down from the Dream House, on the other side of town. We won't tell Ken about this...Or maybe this was all his ...

Black Canary Barbie
OneNewsNow, MS
FOX News is reporting on a new look for Barbie - they are calling it the S&M look. The S&M look features Barbie wearing a motorcycle jacket, ...

Bondage Barbie? "S&M" doll stirs controversy
MLive.com, MI
What's the latest time-wasting nontroversy to hit the Internet? Hint -- it has to do with an iconic childhood figure, some fishnets and a bit of "Won't ...

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