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July 28, 2008

Searching to Buy

Yes, yes, we all know that there are multiple wonderful offers online: cheaper, better, faster, in violation of the old engineering rule that you can only have two out of those three. But how do you find out what are those offers? How do you find out who is offering them?

Well, those lovely people at Shopping.com and Dealtime.co.uk have been able to work out how to help you there. For example, imagine that you were off looking to buy Lingerie. Try clicking through that to see the results you'll get: looking at it just now I got 50 pages with 30 entries each page.

That's enough Lingerie for even the most polyamourous man's harem, isn't it? And yes, you get a similar cornucopia of results for just about any other thing you might want to buy.

Certainly beats schlepping down Oxford Street, doesn't it?

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