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July 25, 2008

Rare Twins

A couple in Lichtenberg, Germany had a surprise last week when their twin boys were born.  One twin was white and the other one black.  The boys mother, Florence is from Ghana, West Africa and their father, Stephen from Germany.   

The chance of different colour twins is so rare that medical experts put the odds at one-in-a-million.

Ryan and Leo are doing well, and Mum and Dad are pleased to have two healthy little babies.

Rare twin boys born - one black, one white
NEWS.com.au, Australia
But when brothers Ryan and Leo arrived they had an extra surprise for their parents - they were born with different coloured skin. ...

Black and white twins: Brothers from the same mother
Some things aren’t always black and white. Then again, sometimes they are – like the twin sons born July 11 to a German couple. ...

One-in-a-million chance...
Independent Online, South Africa
Berlin - Twin boys of radically differing skin colour have been born in a one-in-a-million chance to a German father and Ghanaian mother in a Berlin ...

Black & White Twins Born
Peace fm Online, Ghana
A Berlin couple got an interesting surprise this week when the woman gave birth to twins with very different skin tones. One of the two boys born on July 11 ...

Twins defy all odds
A couple in Germany have become famous after giving birth to twins with different skin colours. Leo and Ryan were born in a clinic in Berlin on July 11 and ...

One-in-a-Million Twins: One White, One Black
Twin boys with different skin color have been born to a mixed-race German couple, a once-in-a-million occurence according to doctors. ...

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