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July 25, 2008


Up in the mountains of Montana, a manly man makes candles.  Brent Grassman started selling man-scented candles or "mandles" as he calls them three years ago.  All have manly scents such as leather, meat or hunting lodge to name but a few.

Now I have to say that when I think of Montana, my mind is filled with images of distant plains and rugged men on horseback, camping and cook-outs.  Not candles, certainly not candles.

Putting Machismo in Your Scented  Candles with the Manly Man Candle ...
Associated Content, CO
Even as machismo is not usually connected with candles, it appears that the Manly Man Candle Company has found a unique way of getting men to buy candles. ...

Entrepreneur: Manly Man Candles
WFMY News 2, NC
That's why he created his own line of what he calls man-scented candles, including Leather, Wild Alaska and Hunting Lodge.

Man-scented candles: Mandles
WFLX Fox 29, FL
Brent runs the Manly Man Candle Company. He started selling the candles at fairs three years ago, then his website started taking off and now his company ...

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