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July 23, 2008

Kielbasa Queen

The Kielbasa Queen is a regular guest on the Howard Stern show. Her shtick is, apparently, the suggestive swallowing of sausages of various types: the "star turn" of the Kielbasa Queen's show being the swallowing of a 12 inch Kielbasa.

Yes, hilarity ensues as  the smutty teenage boy still extant in all men giggles endlessly.

Here's Howard Stern in a clip with the Kielbasa Queen.

Most funny, don't you think?

It should also be said that that's quite an old clip of the Kielbasa Queen. This page shows her more recently (Not Safe For Work, although not outrageously so).

She's become sufficiently famous from her "work" with Stern that she's decided to copyright the name "Kielbasa Queen".

If you listen to Howard Stern's radio show or saw his movie "Private Parts," you know all about the Kielbasa Queen. When it comes to swallowing sausages in a suggestive manner, the lady has no equal. That's probably why she recently applied to trademark her name, a filing that will surely trigger Stern's gag reflex since the Queen has invoked the King of All Media's name in her proposed TM.

Not exactly the most sophisticated of all talents but heck, everyone's got to make a living, right?

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