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July 24, 2008

Kid Rock

Kid Rock has been fined $1000 and sentenced to one years probation for a rumble inside a Waffle house in Atlanta last fall.

He pleaded no contest to one count of battery.  He was also sentenced to six hours of anger management and eighty hours of community service.

Having just watched the video footage,
what is wrong with Kid Rock.  With an entourage that big surely someone is his beat-up-the-skinny-dude man.  Why do it yourself when you have half a dozen others ready to wade in.

Kid Rock Involved in Fight in Waffle House (Associated Press)
ABC2 News, MD
Kid Rock has been fined one-thousand dollars and sentenced to one year's probation in connection with this brawl. It happened in the wee hours of the ...

Kid Rock Enjoying 'summer' Surge
KBS Radio, Canada - 2 hours ago
Rock was sentenced earlier this week to a year's probation and fined $1000 for his role in a fight that took place last fall at a Waffle House restaurant ...

Celeb-a-razzi: Kid Rock pleads no-contest in Waffle House fight
DetNews.com, MI
The case over a 2007 throw-down at a Georgia Waffle House featuring our champ Kid Rock is over. The rapping, singing, rocking entertainer (Robert Ritchie) ...

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