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July 30, 2008

John Edwards Hush Money

Isn't this interesting?

Rielle Hunter is apparently receiving $15,000 a month in hush money via a rich friend of John Edwards.

No, no, of course there's no connection with any story about an affair or a love child. Must be just delayed payments for those movies she made, yes?

One thought though: why would John Edwards need to use someone else's money to pay anybody off? He's got enough of his own doesn't he?

John Edwards' mistress has been receiving $15,000 a month in hush money via a rich friend of Edwards, the National Enquirer is claiming. The Enquirer, of course, was the only news outlet that bothered to seriously follow up on allegations that the Democratic politician was having affair with former campaign contractor Rielle Hunter, and thus it was the only publication to catch Edwards in a hotel last week visiting Hunter and his alleged love child.

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Jesse Jackson had the affair and paid the monry that others provided, and John's just in the line of those that have those that will. $15,000 is a tidy sum, through a rich friend ?
those things you can do when you have money!

Posted by: David | Aug 8, 2008 10:51:12 PM