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July 30, 2008

Heather Mills

Heather Mills, ex-wife of Beatle, Paul McCartney has lost her publicist after arguing about whether Mills is God.

Michele Elyzabeth, Mills' publicist for four years, has quit after a telephone argument where as Elyzabeth puts it, "Heather called me 'stupid.' I reminded her that she was not 'God' and she answered 'I will never talk to you again.'"

Since escaping from Heather Mills' shadow, Michele Elyzabeth has been very vocal about her old boss, describing her as "an impossible person" and "a little maniac."

Elyzabeth also claims Heather Mills owes her $100,000, "You know I worked for free because she told me she had no money. She owes me three years of work."

Poor old Heather, she does seem to have trouble hanging onto people.  Maybe she should try not being an deluded fantasist and pathological liar and instead try cultivating friends by being honest and reasonable.

Just a thought.

Publicist says Mills owes her over $100000
MSNBC - Jul 25, 2008
In an abrupt and surprising move, Heather Mills’ very supportive publicist of four years, Michele Elyzabeth, resigned yesterday. ...

Heather Mills McCartney - the gift that just keeps giving
guardian.co.uk, UK - Jul 25, 2008
Hadley Freeman is the deputy fashion editor of The Guardian and a contributing editor to Vogue. Well, here's a cheerful bit of something to bring some ...

Ex-Publicist Agrees With British Press About Heather Mills
FOXNews - Jul 25, 2008
AP Heather Mills' former publicist has spoken out against her former employer, saying she agrees with the British media's low opinion of Paul McCartney's ...

Mills' Former Publicist Speaks Out About McCartney Video Evidence
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA - 5 hours ago
Heather Mills' former publicist has taken aim at the charity queen in a bid to recoup the $100000 she claims the ex-Mrs. Paul McCartney owes her for her ...

Elyzabeth ends her association
Oneindia, India - Jul 26, 2008
London July 26 (ANI): French-born PR guru Michele Elyzabeth has ended her association with Heather Mills' as her publicist, calling the latter "an ...

Another Heather Mills press agent bites the dust...
Mirror.co.uk, UK - 18 hours ago
By Sue Carroll 29/07/2008 American PR guru Michele Elyzabeth Blanchard has quit after four years, claiming that since her divorce Heather has become an ...

In London, famous are fair game
Buffalo News,  United States - 17 hours ago
I confess. I laughed when I first heard about Christian Bale’s travails. Let me rush to say there’s nothing remotely funny about sons beating mothers and ...

Ok! Magazine, UK - 20 hours ago
HEATHER Mills' former publicist has landed another blow to the model's career after claiming tapes of Sir Paul McCartney being 'abusive' never existed. ...

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