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July 31, 2008

Alligator gar

Following on from the Montauk Monster, we now have the alligator gar, or gator gar, however this is definitely a real creature.

Young Jose Chavez caught one in Kiwanis Lake in Tempe, Phoenix, but they're not normally found in Arizona, they actually prohibited.  They are usually found in South-Eastern United States.  Jose only caught a little one, but they can grow up to twelve feet, and they can breathe air so they can survive out of the water for a couple of hours.

Imagine hauling in a big one and it snapping and thrashing and the thing won't die!

'Fishgator' caught in lake
A fish that looks like a cross between a gator and a snake is believed to be an alligator gar. KTVK reports. ...

Child catches scary-looking fish in Tempe lake
FOX11AZ.com, AZ
The night they caught what appears to be an alligator gar they had tried out a new kind of bait -- real chicken liver. Little did they know what the new ...

Hook shot: Draper man lands huge alligator gar
Salt Lake Tribune, United States
Tom Wingstad of Draper caught this unique alligator gar on the Trinity River in Texas in May. Tom Wingstad of Draper caught this alligator gar on the ...

Fast start for Adams trio
Jackson Clarion Ledger, MS
"Our plan is to fish every day of the Rodeo until we break the record for alligator gar. If not this year then ..." Adams' fish Thursday didn't come close ... 

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